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AMG's four-door GT is a stroke of genius.

Mercedes-Benz Amg Gt Depreciation Calculator

The dramatically styled hatchback sedan looks like a stretched AMG GTeven though it is in fact a masterfully rebodied E-class. And there's a very good reason for that. And that, quite clearly, would have been an unacceptable compromise. All the glamour and glory of the AMG GT, but a spacious platform and cutting-edge infotainment and telematics: what's not to like? That money buys essentially the same car, but with a slightly detuned version of the same silky-smooth, mild-hybrid 3.

Compared to the GT53, power drops from to horsepower, while maximum torque falls from to lb-ft. Those numbers are not exactly feeble, and indeed, the GT43 still manages to charge from zero to 60 mph in 4.

Top speed is undisclosed and will likely depend on tires, but we know that the largely identical Europe-market version can easily attain an electronically limited mph. Unlike in Europe, U. And since it is a model, every GT43 is fitted with the latest MBUX user interface and a new center touchscreen that makes data entry far easier than using the fussy touchpad on the center console.

A Burmester stereo system is standard as well. With its large hatch, trunk, and rear seats, the AMG GT43 is a veritable long-distance cruiser that is suitable for the entire family, and while the upper part of the dashboard is similar to that in the E-class, the lower part—imitating a NACA duct—is taken directly from the two-door GT sports car. This way, no one will mistake it for an E-class—or a CLSyet another derivative of Benz's volume executive sedan.

While the lower entry-level price will undoubtedly endear the four-door AMG GT to more buyers, there are alternatives. Equally glamorous, they are both less powerful than this new AMG. Shopping the segment has just become more difficult.

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This commenting section is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page. You may be able to find more information on their web site. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From News. Join the Conversation Show Comments LoadingThe sports car of your dreams. And ours. See models. With an unmatched motorsports pedigree behind it, the racers at Mercedes-AMG developed the GT to be a pure sports car with an ideal sense of balance.

From its proportions to its sound, every element reveals its purpose, and its passion. In an old mill intwo automotive engineers with a passion for motorsports began turning Mercedes-Benz sedans into winning racecars. Today, as the performance division of Mercedes-Benz, AMG continues to create victory on the track and desire on the streets of the world. Every Mercedes-AMG vehicle is the product of craftsmen, designers and engineers who live to test limits, and for a singular goal: Driving Performance.

A Mercedes-AMG engine only starts with the state of the art. From there, everything from fuel pressure to exhaust routing is developed to quicken, escalate and intensify its response, and yours.

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Handcrafted AMG 4. Twin turbos, set in the "hot V" between the cylinder banks, force-feed massive boost to each Direct Injected cylinder. The results: in 3. Disclaimer [3]. The 4-wheel double-wishbone suspension employs highly rigid, lightweight forged aluminum components. Rear coil-overs are direct-mounted the hub carriers. Dynamic engine and transaxle mounts use electromagnetic fluid to progressively stiffen, to keep handling precise.

And the chassis is tuned to a more aggressive profile, with an enhanced steering profile and increased negative camber. With selectable modes and rev-matching, it's alarmingly quick yet astoundingly seamless. Its seductive proportions celebrate its rear-wheel-drive power and ideally balanced chassis. Brilliant details turn airflow into athleticism. New LED headlamps deliver high-performance illumination.

The cockpit envelops your body, heightens your senses, and connects with your instincts. A dramatic, V-shaped console features new color display buttons. The thick steering wheel frames new reconfigurable digital instrumentation. And contoured AMG Performance seats help support your every move.

Outside, choose from a range of wheel designs, styling packages, and gloss or matte paint.

amg gt future value

The finely finished cockpit offers a spectrum of hand-fitted upholstery, and an array of modern trim options for the console and other elements. The gloss black elements of the Night Package make an even stronger statement. A console controller and The new Key systems like the available adaptive suspension and dynamic exhaust also offer individual controls. An Individual mode lets you create a mode all your own.

A high-strength, lightweight core is the key to impeccable performance. The GT spaceframe tips the scales at just lbs, yet leads its class in torsional and longitudinal rigidity. Radar-based Active Brake Assist can help you avoid some frontal collisions, and can even initiate braking.See all 10 photos. Question: What's the longest-running nameplate in the history of Mercedes-Benz? Answer: the SL, going all the way back to the W from You'd be forgiven, though, for thinking the two-seater, big-dollar roadster was no longer around.

Overshadowed by both the soon-to-be-discontinued S-Class Cabriolet and the AMG GT Roadsterthe current-generationugly-is-bone-deep R SL has been a major sales disappointment for the men and women behind the three-pointed star. Only 1, people loved this underwhelming GT enough to buy one in Toyota sells more Land Cruisers.

But fear not, Super-Leicht faithful, help in the form of a new SL is arriving next year. Billed as the SL, the new convertible will be on sale by the latter half of and will be given the internal designation of R Returning to the model's roots, we expect the SL to be much sportier than the current luxo-barge.

amg gt future value

This assumption is bolstered by the fact that the next SL will be entirely designed by Mercedes' in-house hot rod division, AMG. Spy shots indicate that the new SL will lose its now-traditional folding hardtop and instead go with a canvas roof. Powertrain choices will be many, starting with a RWD car SL 43 perhaps powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

We doubt Mercedes would port its archaic 3. Breaking down that last moniker, the 73e refers to a 4. We're assuming that the SL 55 S will be a high-output version of the M, i. You might expect every SL to use a version of Mercedes' nine-speed automatic transmission. We have to imagine that in order to keep up with the Joneses Porschemid-engine Corvettethe GT will retain its dual-clutch and transaxle.

Therefore, it makes sense that the next SL will feature a dual-clutch transmission mounted behind the driver.

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We think not. Could the SL have an automatic while the GT retains its dual-clutch transaxle? Maybe, but super doubtful, as that's overstretching a platform. AMG boss Tobias Moers has said that the SL is returning to its sporty roots, so maybe a dual-clutch transaxle for the rear wheels and the front wheels are powered by electricity?

Obviously, we have much to learn about the new Mercedes-Benz SL, including its price. Watch Originals. Join MotorTrend. Jonny Lieberman Words Avarvarii Photos. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.The development team at Affalterbach pulled out all the stops when they applied their exceptional engineering skills to the new Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series fuel consumption combined Black Series has been the mark of uncompromisingly sporty Mercedes-AMG automobiles sincewith a consistent technology transfer from motorsport into series production.

With regular episodes in the style of a news bulletin, it presents current topics, goes in-depth and provides expert analysis. The moderated shows encompass studio discussions and reports from production facilities or test tracks.

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If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: The Mercedes-AMG GT combines the fascination of an authentic sports car with segment-specific technology leadership and high practicality. He expresses the essence of the performance brand AMG.

Please contact your local Mercedes-Benz dealership for a full list of available options. Just a few more clicks towards your Mercedes-AMG configuration. Select your country and we will get you to the configurator. Numerous elements from racing form a dynamic statement. The long, wide bonnet sets the direction.

The AMG-specific radiator grille emphasizes the sporty character.

AMG 4.0-Liter V8 Biturbo Engine

The new design of the LED high-performance headlights and especially the new daytime running lights design make the front of the Mercedes-AMG GT even more striking than before the facelift. The classic fastback design features LED rear lights with darkened elements inside. The redesigned rear diffuser with two round double tailpipe trims in high-gloss chrome underlines the dynamics.

The dynamic silhouette signals an unstoppable forward thrust.

The new 2021 Mercedes-AMG E 53 Sedan

The striking new side skirts design with stronger contouring and additional decorative elements opens to powerful shoulders.

Show more information. These headlamps are a highlight in two respects: thanks to all-LED technology they enable you to see and be seen better — and therefore offer enhanced safety. With their striking design the front lights and tail lights are already bright during the day, while at night their technical excellence shines through in particular. The AMG exhaust supports the sporty character and at the same time the suitability for everyday use of your vehicle.

It impresses with a powerful V8 sound under strong acceleration, but remains subtly in the background when driving at a steady speed. The 2 chrome-plated round twin tailpipe trim elements are a clear indication of your vehicle's power reserves. A special acoustic experience is provided by the switchable AMG Performance exhaust system. Two variably adjustable exhaust flaps allow you to change the sound of the vehicle at the push of a button. Benefit from excellent deceleration in any situation: the AMG high-performance composite brake system is your reliable partner when it comes to reducing speed.

The internally ventilated and generously sized brake discs featuring composite technology are fade-resistant and enable outstanding deceleration values. Reliability in extreme situations, even after full brake application several times in succession: the AMG ceramic high-performance composite brake system delivers deceleration performance that you can count on even in exceptional situations.

It is also lighter than conventional brake systems — less unsprung masses for enhanced driving dynamics and agility. High-performance material meets high-performance car: the carbon-fiber elements for the exterior underline the sporty character of your Mercedes-AMG GT, and lend your vehicle an even more sporty and technologically advanced look.

The benefits of the material from the world of motorsport, namely high strength combined with low weight, are a perfect match for the AMG philosophy. With the exterior chrome package you can give your vehicle a particularly elegant and elegant appearance. The shiny chrome elements for the exterior emphasize the high quality of your Mercedes-AMG and upgrade it from every perspective. The AMG Exterior Night package features selected exterior elements in black with a high-gloss finish.

This results - depending on the desired paint color - in either strong contrasts or flowing transitions. Whether exciting accents or sovereign restraint: In both cases, you demonstrate a sense of individual, dynamic design.

The cockpit impresses with its high-tech interior: a user interface concept with fully digital instruments and a At the center is the new center console with innovative display switches.Some people think that the whole "collector car" market is a bubble waiting to burst. We don't necessarily love the idea of buying a car just to flip it and make a profit, but as long as it's happening we'll keep analyzing the situation. Everyone wants to know what the next car that will appreciate is going to be.

We don't have a crystal ball, but we've been right in the past with cars like the Turbo and F manual. Here are seven brand-new cars that we think could be nice collectible assets in the future. The new The previous GT2 RS is currently trading at well above its original price, so we have no doubt that this hp beast will be extremely collectible. The last track-focused model from Mercedes was the SLS Black Series, which is now worth more than its original asking price. We think that Mercedes has priced this car too low, and the market will certainly inflate the price of this rare model with markups.

The initial hype and dealer markup that surrounded the Dodge Challenger Hellcat has finally died down. This hype has now shifted to the long-awaited Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and the more powerful Demon. However, we think that the Hellcat hype will be ramped up as soon as the Widebody models reach showrooms.

We have no doubt that the Demon will appreciate like crazy, but it will also be extremely difficult to obtain.

amg gt future value

Those that can't get their hands on a Demon allocation will have to settle for the recently revealed Hellcat Widebody, which has added grip from the Demon's fender flares. Both cars are powered by a wonderful 2. Unfortunately, both cars have been predicatbly hyped up. This means that Audi dealerships have begun to charge a dealer markup on both models. The hype for these cars should eventually die down, but the original TT RS has actually done a good job of holding value and not depreciating as much as we'd expect of a German luxury car.

Porsche finally listened to its fans and decided to offer the This is great news, but there's a catch. The manual transmission models won't be built until later in the production run. Manual GT3 owners will have to wait a while to take delivery of their car, but their patience will be rewarded.

These cars will likely be collectible in the future and should command a hefty premium over PDK models. We think that the manual models will be more desirable than their DCT counterparts, and the most desirable color will be the rare Austin Yellow. The photo of this M2 comes from todorov5 on Instagram. The Ford Fiesta ST is the cheapest car on our list, but it also one of the most fun to drive.

However, there is a very real chance that Ford will discontinue the Fiesta in the US and leave us without the wonderful ST, at which point prices will begin to surge. We urge anyone that wants one of these amazing hot hatchbacks to go out and buy one now before they may be gone forever. We think these cars will only go up in value. Add first comment. Now Buzzing.

Mercedes-Benz Amg Gt Depreciation Calculator

Model Overview. Login Sign Up. By Make.A new dawn is rising with the promise of strength, brilliance and a whole lot of charisma. Extensively restyled, this vehicle boasts the trademark AMG design with AMG-specific radiator grille and an A-shaped contour that creates a muscular stance. Approach the hood of this overachiever to take in its two distinct power domes set above the sleek front bumper in high-gloss black, designed to amplify the aerodynamics.

The inviting interior quickens your pulse with its bold motorsports styling. As the E-Class is known to set the benchmark for intelligence, this E 53 Sedan delivers in spades.

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The extensive optional Driver Assistance Systems provide the most up-to-date technology for safety and comfort on every ride. Agility speaks in volumes with the AMG-enhanced 3. Gaining momentum within the blink of an eye, this sedan reaches 60 mph in just 4. Disclaimer [4] Heightening efficiency and increasing spontaneity, the EQ Boost offers an extra oomph of power to the tune of 21 hp. The engineering of this sedan offers the ideal symmetry of comfort, luxury and performance.

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When Android Auto is in use, the steering-wheel voice control button accesses Google voice recognition software for voice commands. See your dealer.